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Developing a Flexible Healthcare Infrastructure

American healthcare is experiencing unprecedented uncertainty. Infrastructure must effectively and flexibly respond to change. Team Two explored current issues and success factors. This included defining what we meant by flexibility in healthcare infrastructure, and then determining why flexibility and the ability to accommodate changing needs are important by identifying the forces of change in healthcare. The team also explored when and where flexibility was most critical and to what degree. Then, through feedback from the team in combination with a literature search and best practice case study review, the work of the team culminates with outlining concepts for achieving flexibility and recommendations on how to optimize flexibility in healthcare infrastructure.

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Owner Organization for Successful Project Outcomes

The most important stakeholder, by far, in the process of shaping healthcare infrastructure is the Owner. And yet, most Owners don’t effectively exert the project controls available to them. How Owners organize their internal decision and accountability structure is perhaps the single most critical element in producing successful project outcomes.

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The Departmental Strategy Jumpstart Handbook

Small, focused teams of industry experts have committed to envision materially improved approaches to a selection of critical industry issues. The Institute’s research methods have been formulated to utilize the power of interdisciplinary collaboration, which actively breaks traditional professional boundaries. It is designed to result in dramatic breakthroughs in the creation, management, and repurposing of healthcare infrastructure.

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Research Fellows Program. Focus: Healthcare Whitepapers

During the last five years, the Institute has executed an interesting variety of research programs dealing with Project Delivery Strategies for Health Care Facilities.

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The Latest Thinking: Project Delivery Strategies for Healthcare Buildings

The project delivery strategies used to create new healthcare facilities today are dominated by a collection of specialists and experts whose efforts are often unevenly coordinated. This complexity has left us with systems that take too long, cost too much and often fail to respond to the owner’s needs. This publication brings together a broadly interdisciplinary collection of academic and industry leaders who express their insights

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Effecient Healthcare: Overcoming Broken Paradigms

What if changes to our healthcare facilities actually improved the way care is delivered, allowing providers to increase the quality of care and the predictability of outcomes while also significantly decreasing the costs to provide that care? This manifesto explores the ways we could literally leapfrog our current crisis in healthcare to provide quality care to everyone who needs it, achieve great outcomes for patients while effectively managing costs. It does so by bringing forward a tool we have overlooked: architecture.

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TeamWork, ChangeWork: How Teams Deal with Change

Emotions, not the intellect, contain the basic human survival mechanisms.In most people, dealing with change initiates all of our emotional survival circuitry, and does so usually without conscious awareness. Change leaders who wish to be successful must learn to deal with typical, predictable, and often illogical human resistance.

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The New Competitiveness in Design & Construction: 12 Strategies that will Drive the 21st Century's Most Successful Firms

What will be required for the next generation of firms in the AEC industry to acquire a position of market prominence? We’ve been studying this issue for 3 years and our results were published by John Wiley & Sons, London. This has lead to a national series of seminars marketed specifically to architects, engineers, and general contractors.

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