A/E/C Industry Innovation

The creation of the built environment accounts for 8% of the total US GDP and touches every aspect of our economy both national and local. The modern process has become so complex that needed improvements and innovations lag far behind the growing challenges. Clearly, innovative approaches will be required to re-integrate what has become a fragmented process. This won’t happen without broad industry-wide involvement of leaders representing all dimensions of this multifaceted machine.


Healthcare Infrastructure Research

There are times when systemic incremental improvement is desirable. This is not one of those times. Our challenge is to materially improve the processes used to create and maintain the incredibly complex built environment required to effectively support America’s healthcare mission.

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Professional Team Collaboration Research

While team collaboration is easy to praise, it has been, until now, difficult to measure. Our research group, known as Process Metrics, has been working for the past two years to identify six dimensions of professional interaction that most accurately and consistently indicate effective integration.

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A/E/C Industry Competitiveness Research

Our data clearly indicate that the single most compelling concern of the upper management of America’s largest A/E/C firms is their ability to thrive in a new global economy that is constantly changing, imposingly complex, and mind-numbingly competitive. The purpose of this research is to define specific performance characteristics that most accurately identify consistently dominant competitors.

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